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Winter Olympics Trivia Quiz

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Starting line

In what year were the first Winter Olympic Games conducted?


Extra credit

The 1924 Winter Olympics closed with a ceremony honoring achievement in a non-Olympic sport. Which was it?

Unlucky third

Norwegian American Anders Haugen took third place in the special ski-jumping event at the 1924 Games, but he did not take home a bronze medal. Why not?

Who was she?

This female figure skater won the gold medal at three consecutive Winter Olympics, won the world championship on ten straight occasions, then went on to a long and lucrative show business career. Who was she?


Performance enhancement

At the 1932 Winter Olympics, the Japanese, new to alpine sports, were unsuccessful but game. During the 50 km (31 mi.) ski race, one of their coaches used an unusual technique to inspire his team. What was it?

Armed and sliding

The sport in which flat-out cross-country skiing alternates with target shooting was given the name “biathlon” only in 1955. What was it originally called?


The USSR first entered the Winter Olympics in 1956. They topped the standings that year, then again in 1960 and 1964. In 1968, which nation broke their run?


The boss

The 1994 Winter Olympics were the first held between Summer Olympics rather than in the same year. They were also notable for the performance of Norwegian speed skater Johan Olav Koss. What did he do?


Turin, the site of the 2006 Winter Olympics, has many other claims to fame, including its chocolate, its architecture, its Fiat plant, and all but one of the following. Which?

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