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The birth of plywood

When was plywood invented?

Farewell to change

The first coin-operated vending machine dates from at least the first century BC. What product did the machine dispense?

No success like failure

In 1856, English chemist William Perkin, hoping to improve the treatment of malaria, tried to synthesize quinine in his home laboratory. Although the effort failed, he managed to create quite a different product instead. What was it?

More by Bell

Alexander Graham Bell is best known for inventing the telephone, but he was a man of many interests. Another product for which he received patents was:


Hot metal

“Misch metal” a substance that ignites when scratched, is widely used in the manufacture of what commonplace object?

Celebrating a pioneer

In 1932, Carlton Cole Magee of the United States invented what was to become a familiar emblem of modern civilization. What was it?

Household name

The Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha company was founded in Japan in 1934. Today, under the more compact name YKK Co., it is known as the world-leading manufacturer of which everyday product?


Better living through science

In the 1960s, U.S. chemist Norman Stingley combined two substances — butadiene and sulphur — under heat and pressure to produce the material that made possible what well-known product?

The science of detection

In 1996, the Quadro QRS 250G Tracker was brought to market. Its ability to detect substances such as drugs made it instantly popular with police forces and schools. However, the device is no longer on the market, because it…

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