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8. Household name

The Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha company was founded in Japan in 1934. Today, under the more compact name YKK Co., it is known as the world-leading manufacturer of which everyday product?

A) Chopsticks
B) Mascara
C) Telephone keypads
D) Zippers

Your answer — A) Chopsticks — was incorrect.

The zipper in something like its modern form was invented in 1913 by a Swede, Gideon Sundback. The name was introduced by the B.F. Goodrich company when they added zippers to a line of rubber boots. YKK’s plant in Macon, Georgia is the world’s largest zipper factory, producing seven million zippers a day. The chances are that the zippers on your clothing, luggage and so on bear the initials “YKK” on the tab.

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