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Afflicted Love

Tragic tales of love from history, literature and myth.


Try your paw at this, our beastliest quiz.


A quiz from back in the old days… the really old days.


Ten of the great and near-great through the ages.


It’s not who you know, it’s who you know about.

Caribbean Pirates

Raise your pirate flag and run out your guns!


Twice-five fascinating chocolate-cocoated factoids!

Classic Bob Dylan Lyrics

Marvels and minutiae from the Bob of old.



Learn more about this strange and subtle sport.


A cavalcade of the hilarious and the bizarre.


Bring your vocabulary, but you’ll need your intuition as well!

Definitions 2

The search for meaning continues with new definitions!

Expert Christmas

Ten challenging Christmas trivia questions.

Expert Knowledge

Tough trivia teasers to test your knowledge.


Set out for adventure in the wake of Columbus and Cook!

Fairy Tale

Who trapped Rapunzel? Who didn’t eat Tom Thumb?


See how you rank in the field of flowers!


You’ve been playing games all your life. This should be easy!

General Knowledge

Updated with a new question each day.


Our Halloween quiz is actually not frighteningly difficult!


How much do you know about the little genius from Salzburg?

Novice Christmas

Ten easier questions from our Christmas library.

Novice Knowledge

Easier general knowledge questions.

Olympic Games

Historical highlights from times ancient and modern.


Oscar-winning Comedies

Comedies don’t win Oscars, but these did.

Regular Christmas

Ten Christmas questions of average difficulty.

Regular Knowledge

Mean trivia of average difficulty to test your knowledge.

Salad Days

The fabled carrot patches of ancient Rome — and much more!


Can you answer these questions from the world of science?


“More should I question thee, and more I must.”

St. Patrick's Day

All about Ireland’s patron saint and his day.

St. Valentine's Day

Beyond the cards and the chocolates.


Glimpses from the history of gadget development.


Trios of odd words and odder names.

Winter Olympics

Slip and slide down rugged hills of Olympic lore.

World Geography

Do you know your way around our small world?

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