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8. Pretty poison

How better to enhance the look of a salad than with some flower petals. Which is your best choice from the following flowers?

A) Foxglove
B) Lily of the valley
C) Sweet pea
D) Viola

Your answer — A) Foxglove — was incorrect.

Flower cookery is an ancient art, coming back into vogue, but one must proceed with caution! Not all flowers are edible: lily of the valley, foxglove and sweet pea flowers are just a few examples of poisonous flowers. Edible flower choices include sweet viola, peppery nasturtium, bitter dandelion, and mild bachelor buttons. The best flowers to use are ones that you have grown yourself, so that you can be sure they have not been sprayed. Never eat flowers from a florist, a garden center or the side of the road.

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