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1. Iceberg, a head

The Iceberg lettuce is a variety of Crisphead lettuce. It became known as Iceberg in the 1920s. Why?

A) It was the only lettuce that would grow in colder climates
B) It was a diet staple of silent movie star Inga “Iceberg” Henson
C) It was a feature at the Iceberg Salad House in New York City
D) California growers shipped it covered in ice

Your answer was correct!

Before the Iceberg variety was developed, lettuces were on the market only in the spring and fall. Packed in railway cars with lots of ice, however, Iceberg lettuces would survive the trip from California to the east, and Americans could enjoy lettuce year-round. It is also said that the name “Iceberg” celebrates the cool crispness of this lettuce.

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