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The Golden Age of Piracy, as it is often called, lasted from the closing decades of the 17th century to the opening decades of the 18th. There have been pirates — sea robbers — at all times in history, but the ‘romantic’ view of piracy focuses on that brief period.

Pirate quiz frontispiece: A silvered parrot

Pirate parrot, from an image at the West Central Indiana Bird Club.
The other illustrations in this quiz are from public domain sources.

Piracy in the Golden Age was conducted mainly in two places: on the Barbary Coast of North Africa, and in the Americas, particularly the Spanish Main, the eastern seaboard, and the islands of the Caribbean. It is the pirate of the Americas who, through countless tales, including those of Robert Louis Stevenson and J.M Barrie, and various confections by Disney, has come to reign as the popular model of his, or occasionally her, profession.

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