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3. By the same author

Apart from his Confessio, only one other surviving literary work can be attributed with reasonable confidence to St. Patrick. What is it?

A) A demand for the release of Christian captives
B) A history of pre-Christian Ireland
C) A treatise on reptiles
D) An invitation to tribal people to undergo baptism

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Patrick’s Epistola was sent to Coroticus, a nominally Christian warlord whose soldiers had attacked many of Patrick’s converts, killing some and kidnapping others. Patrick had sent ambassadors to ask for their return, explaining that those kidnapped were fellow-Christians, but the delegation was met only with jeers. Outraged, Patrick sent a strongly-worded letter telling the soldiers that they had been ensnared by the devil, and would suffer eternal punishment if they did not repent and return the captives. It is not known if the letter had the desired effect.

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