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2. St. Patrick on the move

According to St. Patrick’s own writings, he first went to Ireland as a teenage boy. How did he get there?

A) As a footsoldier in the Roman army
B) As the captive of slave traders
C) In a home-made leather-skinned boat
D) With his father, who had been appointed sheriff

Your answer — A) As a footsoldier in the Roman army — was incorrect.

Patrick records in his Confessio that he was taken from his home in Britain at about sixteen years of age, along with many thousands of people, and brought to Ireland as a captive. His assigned work as a shepherd gave him abundant time for prayer and contemplation, and his faith grew. He escaped after six years of servitude, and eventually made his way back to his parents. He did not remain in Britain, however. One night in a dream he heard “the voice of the Irish” calling him to return and “walk among them”, and so began his famous ministry.

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