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Listen to the mirlitons

Musical instruments, the tools of musical expression, have been around more or less as long as human culture. One venerable and widespread instrument type is the mirliton, although it is usually called by another name. Which?


Good old Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750), was just the stand-out member of an exceptionally musical family. All four listed here were famed composers. Three are J.S. Bach’s own sons. The fourth was a grandson. Which?

The grandest staff

How many lines would be required — rather then usual 5 — if a single musical staff were to cover the entire range of human hearing (roughly 20 through 20,000 vibrations per second)?

Dying away

Italian has given us many words for indicating expression in music, such as our usual terms for “soft” and “loud”, piano and forte. Three of the words below are among the many that mean “dying away”. Which one is the exception?

The concertmaster’s instrument

In a symphony orchestra one musician, second in rank to the conductor, is known as the concertmaster (or, in England, the leader). The rank always belongs to the orchestra’s principal player of a particular instrument. Which?


An instrument for Erik

The French composer Erik Satie (1866-1925) is well-known for the humorous and eccentric style of many of his compositions, which are chiefly for which instrument?

What did Guido do?

Guido d’Arezzo was an 11th-century Benedictine monk who is celebrated for an important contribution to the history of music. What did he do?


Who’s got the time?

Which of the following musical forms typically uses six-eight rhythm?

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