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Mozart embarked on a major concert tour of European courts and concert halls when he was only six. In the fashion of the time, which of the following accessories did he wear while performing?


Bad review

Mozart’s opera, The Abduction from the Seraglio, was not well-received by Emperor Joseph II. How did the emperor sum up his negative reaction?

Which exotic instrument

Mozart was not above experimenting with unusual instruments. For which of the following did he write a chamber work in two movements in 1791?

The matter with Mozart

It has been suggested that Mozart suffered from a particular lifelong infirmity, and certain evidence from his life, though not conclusive, has been advanced to support this idea. What was this possible problem?

Paths uncrossed

Which of Mozart’s contemporary composers did he never meet?



Mozart’s magnificent three final symphonies were written in the space of six weeks in 1788. What is the nickname of his final symphony?


Not yet 36 years of age, Mozart died of illness in 1791. At the time of his death he was working on a major composition. What was it?



In Anthony Shaffer’s play Amadeus, and Milos Forman’s movie, Mozart’s adult life is shadowed by the growing malice of someone he knew. Who was it?

The Mozart effect

Much media attention has been paid in recent years to a supposed benefit of listening to Mozart’s music — the “Mozart effect”. According to the scientists who first reported it, what specifically does the Mozart effect accomplish?

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