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1. Wunderkind

Mozart embarked on a major concert tour of Europe when he was only six, performing with his older sister Nannerl in aristocratic courts as well as concert halls. In keeping with the fashion of the time, which of the following accessories did the brilliant little boy wear while performing?

A) A kilt
B) A sword
C) A wig
D) High-heeled shoes

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The German literary genius Goethe, himself only fourteen, saw the seven-year-old Mozart perform in Cologne. “I see it, as if I were still there”, he wrote many years later, “the little man with his child’s sword and his curly hair… A rare phenomenon like that of Mozart remains a truly inexplicable thing.” Mozart’s performances at that age consisted not just of playing and improvising on both the harpsichord and the violin, but also included a number of remarkable stunts, such as correctly identifying, by ear, any note or group of notes played upon any instrument.

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