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Long spent, anyway

As monetary systems combine and evolve, many coins have passed out of use, and so have the words by which they were known. In the old (pre-1971) British system of 240 pennies to the pound, which coin was worth two shillings?

Let the merriment begin

We all love to pay our income taxes, but did you know that in times gone by, people weren’t always given this pleasure and privilege that we take for granted? Where was an income tax first imposed?

Graphically revealing

The Phillips Curve, introduced in a paper by New Zealand economist William Phillips in 1958, attempted to reveal the relationship between two quantities important to economists. What were they?


Charging ahead

The Charga-Plate, a product of the Charga-Plate Group of New York, was promoted from about 1935 into the 1950s as a way of helping consumers with their money. What did the Charga-Plate allow one to do?

A satoshi for your thoughts

Some well-known coins, such as the sou, the farthing, and the maravedi, are notable for their all but negligible value. Another example of monetary inconsequentiality is the satoshi. Of which currency is it the smallest unit?


Country of one

The richest person of 2015 is Bill Gates, with a fortune estimated at $79.2 billion. If Gates were reclassified as a nation, where would he rank in a listing of national wealth (GDP)?

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