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8. A satoshi for your thoughts

Some well-known coins, such as the sou, the farthing, and the maravedi, are notable for their all but negligible value. Another example of monetary inconsequentiality is the satoshi. Of which currency is it the smallest unit?

A) The digital currency bitcoin
B) The Japanese yen
C) The Klingon darsek
D) The Laotian toshi

Your answer — D) The Laotian toshi — was incorrect.

The satoshi, named for Bitcoin software inventor Satoshi Yakamoto, is worth 100 millionth of a bitcoin. The unit of Laotian currency is actually the kip, which divides into 100 att (there is no such unit as the toshi). The Japanese yen is no longer subdivided in practice, although theoretically it is equivalent to 100 sen or 1000 rin. We were unable to ascertain if the Klingons recognize (or will use in later centuries) a smaller unit in their darsek. If they do, and it turns out to be called the satoshi, we apologize in advance for our recklessness in dismissing it.

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