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4. Let the merriment begin

We all love to pay our income taxes, but did you know that in times gone by, people weren’t always given this pleasure and privilege that we take for granted? Where was an income tax first imposed?

A) In Xin Dynasty China, 10 A.D.
B) In Saladin’s Damascus, 1187 A.D.
C) In Elizabethan England, 1585 A.D.
D) In post-revolutionary France, 1792 A.D.

Your answer — C) In Elizabethan England, 1585 A.D. — was incorrect.

The only emperor of the short-lived Xin Dynasty was Wang Mang. The program of income tax he imposed on professionals and workers, amounting to 10% of their profits, was perhaps just one unpopular feature of his reign, which lasted only 14 years until the restoration of the Han Dynasty.

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