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3. Long spent, anyway

As monetary systems combine and evolve, many coins have passed out of use, and so have the words by which they were known. In the old (pre-1971) British system of 240 pennies to the pound, which coin was worth two shillings?

A) Crown
B) Florin
C) Guinea
D) Half-crown

Your answer — C) Guinea — was incorrect.

The word “florin” has been applied to coins in various currencies, but it still carries the stamp of its origin in the medieval Republic of Florence, a banking capital. The fiorentino d’oro, or gold florin, was widely circulated in the Middle Ages. In the British system, the crown was worth five shillings, the half-crown two shillings and sixpence, and the guinea was like a special pound for the well-heeled, worth 21 rather than 20 shillings.

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