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10. Country of one

The richest person of 2015 is Bill Gates, with a fortune estimated at $79.2 billion. If Gates were reclassified as a nation, where would he rank in a listing of national wealth (GDP)?

A) At #16 after Canada. Spain, #16 now, would have to make way.
B) Not near the top, but a very respectable #88, above Uganda, below Jordan.
C) On the list, but near the back of the pack at #180, just trailing Samoa.
D) Rich, sure, but he’s just one guy. He’d be way down past the bottom.

Your answer — C) On the list, but near the back of the pack at #180, just trailing Samoa. — was incorrect.

The International Monetary Fund’s listing of 2014 national GDP estimates show a dead heat between Jordan and Lithuania. With $79.6 billion each in national wealth, those countries out-wealth the tycoon by a whisker. Uganda, falling back to #89 after Gates’ self-nationalization, has $76.9 billion. With regard to global GDP, Gates controls rather less than one-thousandth of the whole. However, the four Walton heirs, with those large fortunes they picked up at Walmart, are collectively doing about twice as well as Gates on his own. Those of us who must sweat for every satoshi can only gape in wonder that such creatures exist.

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