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1. Proverbially rich

Rich you may be, but only ultimate wealth makes you “as rich as Croesus”. Who or what was Croesus?

A) A king in what is now Turkey, credited with the introduction of gold coinage
B) A medieval city-state that imposed heavy tariffs on Mediterranean trading vessels
C) A miserly Roman merchant mentioned in the New Testament book of Matthew
D) A region of southern Greece where gold and silver were mined throughout antiquity

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From 560 to 547 BC, Croesus was King of the Lydian Empire, located in what is now western Turkey, where the Pactolus River runs. Legend held that King Midas had washed his hands in this river, turning its sands to gold. The sands actually contained electrum, a naturally-occurring alloy of gold and silver, which made Croesus extremely wealthy. Croesus was the first to establish a standard for purity of gold coins.

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