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Getting ready

Before the dwarves will even discuss preparations for the adventure they are about to embark on with Bilbo and Gandalf, what do they insist on doing first?


Troll reversal

Early in the adventure the party appear to have met their doom when they are captured by a trio of trolls. In the end, Bilbo and his band escape with their lives in the nick of time. How?

One on one

Lost in a labyrinth of passages beneath the Misty Mountains, Bilbo finds himself engaged in a contest with a creature named Gollum at the edge of an eerie subterranean lake. What type of contest is it?

Arrow through the hart?

Among their encounters while traveling through the malign forest of Mirkwood, the dwarves see a hart, which Thorin shoots at with his bow. What is a hart?

Handle for a sword

Before escaping Mirkwood, the party is attacked by giant spiders. Bilbo plays a crucial role by killing one of the spiders with his recently acquired sword. What name does he give the sword after this encounter?


The wines of Dorwinion

While in the company of the wood elves, the party becomes acquainted with the wines of the gardens of Dorwinion. For what are these wines notable?

Making an entrance

The party finds the hidden door into Smaug’s lair in the Lonely Mountain, but don’t know how to open it until Bilbo has a flash of intuition, thanks to a mysterious thrush. What is needed to open the door?

The son of Carc

While the party is still on the Lonely Mountain considering its options, they introduced by the thrush — wordlessly, since they do not understand its speech — to Roäc son of Carc. Who is Roäc?


Take-home pay

When the battle is over, and spoils are to be divided, Bilbo is urged by the the Lake-man Bard to accept a large portion of his own one-fourteenth share of Smaug’s hoard. In the end, however, Bilbo will take only a modest amount. What treasure does he accept?

While you were out

Bilbo finally reaches the Shire and looks forward to a return to ordinary life, but what situation does he discover upon coming home to Bag End?

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