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9. Take-home pay

When the battle is over, and spoils are to be divided, Bilbo is urged by the the Lake-man Bard to accept a large portion of his own one-fourteenth share of Smaug’s hoard. In the end, however, Bilbo will take only a modest amount. What treasure does he accept?

A) A heavy gold neckchain and a dwarven helmet
B) One small chest of silver and one of gold
C) The Arkenstone
D) The necklace of Girion, made of 500 emeralds as green as grass

Your answer — C) The Arkenstone — was incorrect.

It was Smaug who pointed out to Bilbo that he could not possibly transport his promised one-fourteenth share of the treasure across the wild country between the Lonely Mountain and the Shire. Bilbo is not sure what he would do with such extravagant riches in any case. He sets his limit at what can be borne by a strong pony.

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