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8. The son of Carc

While Bilbo and the dwarves are still on the Lonely Mountain, wondering where Smaug is and if he is about to attack, they are introduced by the thrush — wordlessly, since they do not understand its speech — to Roäc son of Carc. Who is Roäc?

A) A battle-scarred dwarf with important advice for Thorin
B) A goblin defector who wants to help defeat his own people
C) A helpful old raven leader
D) A man from Lake-town with news of Smaug

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At 153 years of age, Roäc is a very old raven — dim-sighted, balding, hardly able to fly — but he still remembers the ancient alliance between the ravens and the dwarves from the time of his famous father Carc. He brings the party news of the death of Smaug at Esgaroth (often called “Lake-town”), and of the alarming troop movements that will shortly lead to the Battle of the Five Armies.

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