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7. Making an entrance

The party finds the hidden door into Smaug’s lair in the Lonely Mountain, but don’t know how to open it until — prompted by a large mysterious thrush — Bilbo has a flash of intuition. What is needed to make the door open?

A) Profound darkness and silence
B) Singing a hobbit nonsense rhyme that is really a dwarven incantation
C) Speaking aloud the single word “friend”
D) The combined rays of the Moon and the Sun

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The correct conditions for opening the door occur only on Durin’s Day — an annual occurrence that occurs “when the last moon of Autumn and the sun are in the sky together”. While the party looks on anxiously, the critical moment finally comes just as the Sun is about to vanish below the horizon. Thorin inserts his key in the lock that now becomes visible, and they quickly gain entrance to Smaug’s stronghold.

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