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6. The wines of Dorwinion

While in the company of the wood elves, the party becomes acquainted with the wines of the gardens of Dorwinion. For what are these wines notable?

A) Drinking them may produce dim visions of what is to be
B) Dwarves find them irresistible
C) They are too sour for the palate of a hobbit
D) They bring deep and pleasant dreams

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The wines of the gardens of Dorwinion are particularly strong, Tolkien says, and bring “deep and pleasant dreams”, as the wood elves’ chief guard should really have known. While the guard snores, Bilbo steals the keys and hides the dwarves in empty barrels. The elves then float the barrels, with the invisible Bilbo clinging on, down the river to traders in Lake-town to be reused.

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