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5. Handle for a sword

Before escaping Mirkwood, the party is attacked by giant spiders. Bilbo plays a crucial role by killing one of the spiders with his recently acquired sword. What name does he give the sword after this encounter?

A) Biter
B) Glamdring
C) Orcrist
D) Sting

Your answer — B) Glamdring — was incorrect.

From the point of view of its elvish makers, Sting was really a large knife, but it is perfectly sized to serve as a sword for Bilbo. Glamdring is Gandalf’s sword, and Orcrist is its twin, which Thorin claims from the cave of the trolls. Biter is the goblins’ name for Orcrist. All three swords are of elvish manufacture, and hence glow blue when goblins are near.

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