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2. Troll reversal

Early in the adventure, with many pages left to go, the party appear to have met their doom prematurely when they are captured by a trio of trolls. In the end, Bilbo and his band escape with their lives in the nick of time. How?

A) Bilbo uses his ring to escape after leading the trolls away from the others
B) Fili and Kili perform a song that puts the trolls to sleep
C) Gandalf summons eagles who carry the party to safety
D) The trolls are turned to stone by the rising sun

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While the trolls are occupied in deciding how best to go about eating the dwarves, Gandalf uses wizardly ventriloquism, making quarrelsome remarks in the voices of each troll in turn to stir up an argument amongst them. The dimwitted trolls are so engrossed in their dispute that they forget to attend to the time and so are petrified by the rays of the rising sun.

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