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10. While you were out

Bilbo finally reaches the Shire and looks forward to a return to ordinary life, but what situation does he discover upon coming home to Bag End?

A) Folk are already telling wild tales of his heroic deeds
B) Gandalf has been arrested for kidnapping him
C) He has been declared dead in his absence
D) The girl he had hoped to marry has wed a hobbit from Buckland

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Not only has Bilbo been declared dead, but his return home is on the very day that all his possessions are being auctioned off, with many already taken, and his odious relations the Sackville-Bagginses are measuring his rooms to see how best to bestow their furniture. Bilbo manages eventually to set things right, though only at the cost of buying back many of his own possessions. He settles down again to something like his old routine (though his reputation for respectability has been badly tarnished) and everything is peaceful again for another 60 years.

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