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1. Getting ready

Before the dwarves will even discuss preparations for the adventure they are about to embark on with Bilbo and Gandalf, what do they insist on doing first?

A) A fireworks display
B) A late-night music jam
C) Initiating Bilbo into their fellowship
D) Recounting the legends of the earliest dwarves

Your answer — A) A fireworks display — was incorrect.

After dinner has been rambunctiously cleared away by the dwarves, Thorin and Gandalf amuse themselves blowing smoke rings. The dwarves then fetch their instruments — fiddles, flutes, a drum, clarinets, viols, and Thorin’s harp — and play their haunting music for hours before finally breaking into song. This they keep up for several hours more, and not until the middle of the night are they prepared to break off and start discussing their plans.

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