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Halloween shades

Which colors are particularly associated with Halloween?


The light within

A distinctive Halloween custom is the making of jack-o’lanterns, nowadays usually from pumpkins but originally from neeps (turnips). Which figure from Irish folklore is associated with the origin of the jack-o’lantern?

Naming the night

Halloween has a variety of traditional names in the British Isles where the festival originated. Which of the following is NOT one of them?

After the saints

Halloween is also called All Saints Eve (or All Hallows Eve), because November 1 is All Saints Day. The following day, November 2, is also traditionally celebrated in parts of the British Isles. What is it called?

Mexican holiday

In Mexico, the 1st and 2nd of November (All Saints Day and All Souls Day) are the occasion of a Halloween-flavored celebration called the…


Hallowed verse

Which of the following celebrated poets produced a lengthy poem on the topic of Halloween traditions?


Street scene

The Village Halloween Parade in New York City’s Greenwich Village is world-famous for its stupendous scale, with fifty thousand performers and two million spectators present. The parade was originated in 1973 by a:

New tricks and treats

Over the years Halloween has inspired not just children, artists and merrymakers, but also American inventors. Three of the following Halloweenish innovations are actual patented inventions. Which one did we make up?

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