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The oldest republic

Which country is the oldest surviving republic in the world?

More by Bell

Alexander Graham Bell is best known for inventing the telephone, but he was a man of many interests. Another product for which he received patents was:

Hark, hark, the quark

Physicists theorize the existence of unimaginably tiny and peculiar particles called quarks as the elementary constituent of matter. Quarks were described and named by physicist Murray Gell-Mann, who took the word “quark” from:


God of wisdom

Who was the Egyptian god of learning and wisdom?

Instant success

In Polaroid photography, which was introduced in the early 1960s, a photograph is processed into a finished print immediately after the picture is taken. The inventor of Polaroid photography was:

Bellerophon’s advantage

The Greek hero Bellerophon was able to prevail over his enemies thanks to the help of a supernatural being. Which one?

Skara Brae

The village of Skara Brae is located on the west coast of The Mainland, the large central island of the Orkney Islands. What is unusual about Skara Brae?

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Renaissance man

Girolamo Cardano, the great 16th-century mathematician, physician, astrologer and scholar who founded probability theory, led a colorful and controversial life that included time spent in prison for the crime of…

Early whirly

Who was the first person to carry out sustained helicopter flight?

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