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10. Pace-making

The natural gait of horses, and many other animals, is trotting, in which the legs are advanced in diagonal pairs. Pacing, in which the legs on one side are advanced together, is natural to only a few animals, including the camel, the cat and the…

A) Antelope
B) Giraffe
C) Rhinoceros
D) Yak

Your answer — D) Yak — was incorrect.

Horses can be trained to pace, but as with most running creatures the trot and the gallop are what come naturally. A human crawling on hands and knees uses the trotting sequence of simultaneously advancing the diagonally opposite limbs, but is unlikely to work up enough speed to leave the ground entirely, as a trotting horse does for much of its stride. Attempts to crawl using a pacing gait should be carried out with caution.

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