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2. Seeing the big picture

September 1953 saw the first release of a Hollywood film shot with the wide-screen Cinemascope™ process. What was its name?

A) Becky Sharp
B) How to Marry a Millionaire
C) The Robe
D) White Christmas

Your answer — A) Becky Sharp — was incorrect.

Like several other wide-screen formats, Cinemascope was developed in the 1950s as a weapon for Hollywood in its rapidly escalating struggle against the new medium of television. The extra-wide frame was recorded onto standard 35 mm film using an anamorphic lens that compressed the image horizontally but not vertically. A complementary lens restored the image when the film was projected. Becky Sharp (1935) was the first feature-length movie in Technicolor, and White Christmas (1954) was the first in VistaVision, a wide-screen system that did not use an anamorphic lens. How to Marry a Millionaire, which was shot in Cinemascope, actually completed production before The Robe, but was released later on marketing grounds.

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