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The pigments used by painters often have exotic names like egyptian blue, cadmium orange, and orpiment. Which of the following choices lists red, green and blue pigments, in that order?

A) Smalt, verdigris, vermilion
B) Verdigris, madder lake, smalt
C) Vermilion, viridian, ultramarine
D) Viridian, madder lake, ultramarine

Your answer — A) Smalt, verdigris, vermilion — was incorrect.

All the choices list a red, green and blue pigment, but only C gives them in order. Vermilion, viridian and ultramarine, along with the red pigment madder lake, are all in common contemporary use, but the once-popular verdigris has been obsolete or nearly so since the 18th century. Smalt, a blue pigment, passed out of use even earlier.

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