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Greene through and through

For which of the following movies was the screenplay by British writer Graham Greene himself, rather than being an adaptation by another writer of a Greene tale?

A) The Honorary Consul
B) The Power and the Glory
C) The Quiet American
D) The Third Man

Your answer was correct!

The Third Man, directed by British film-maker Carol Reed, and starring Orson Welles, Joseph Cotten and Trevor Howard, was recognized as a cinematic triumph immediately upon its 1949 release. Post-war Vienna provided the charged and highly atmospheric backdrop for Greene’s story of the amoral Harry Lime (Welles) and his old friend Holly Martins (Cotten), a rather naive dime novelist whose determination to solve the mystery of Lime’s apparent death propels the story. Martins comes to Vienna at his friend’s invitation, only to learn that he has arrived too late for a reunion — but just in time for the funeral. His attempts to get to the bottom of what really happened to Lime end with a fatal shootout in the city sewers.

The Third Man was by far the most successful of Greene’s few original screenplays. Some movie adaptations of his own superb novels — whether by himself, like Our Man in Havana, or by others, like the alternative choices to our question — were also well received.

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