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The Eloi and the Morlocks

In H.G. Wells’ first science fiction tale, The Time Machine, a 19th-century Englishman travels forward in time to find that humanity has split into two groups, the Eloi and the Morlocks. One main difference between them is that:

A) The Eloi live above ground, and the Morlocks below
B) The Eloi are ruled by women, the Morlocks by men
C) The Eloi are scientists, but the Morlocks prefer art and philosophy
D) The Eloi are spacefaring, while the Morlocks are earthbound

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The time traveler is at first delighted by the peaceful Eloi, but learns that their childlike simplicity goes much too far: their lives are empty, and without initiative or accomplishment. The brutal subterranean Morlocks work to maintain the Eloi’s way of life, but only in order to eat them.

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