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Bellerophon’s advantage

The Greek hero Bellerophon was able to prevail over his enemies thanks to the help of a supernatural being. Which one?

A) Chiron, the wise centaur
B) Hera, wife of Zeus
C) Pegasus, the winged horse
D) The Chimera, part lion, part dragon, part goat

Your answer — B) Hera, wife of Zeus — was incorrect.

Bellerophon, a prince of Corinth, was able to control Pegasus using a special bridle given to him by Athena. After being banished from his own kingdom after accidentally killing his brother, Bellerophon’s adventures really began in the court of his neighbor King Proetus, whose wife falsely accused the Corinthian of trying to woo her, though in fact he had turned her away. Proetus sent Bellerophon to King Iobates in another neighboring kingdom, along with a secret message that Iobates should put his guest to death. Rather than attempt the wicked deed directly, Iobates gave Bellerophon the task of defeating first the dread Chimera, and then a selection of foreign armies, including the feared Amazon warrior women. Bellerophon prevailed, with the aid of Pegasus, and eventually became king himself. Pegasus was also involved in Bellerophon’s eventual, literal downfall, when he was cast to earth homeless and friendless after a blasphemous attempt to fly to the top of Mt. Olympus.

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