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Hark, hark, the quark

Modern physics theorizes the existence of unimaginably tiny and peculiar particles called quarks as the elementary constituent of matter. Quarks were described and named by Nobel-prize winning physicist Murray Gell-Mann, who took the word “quark” from:

A) A Babylonian word meaning “swarm of flies”
B) A combination of the words “quick” and “dark”
C) A phrase in James Joyce’s novel Finnegan’s Wake
D) Randomly combining letters from the household Scrabble set

Your answer was correct!

Gell-Mann already had a pronunciation in mind — “kwork” — before he settled on a spelling, which was given to him by the phrase, “Three quarks for Muster Mark” in Joyce’s notoriously opaque comic novel, where it is uttered by sea birds. Gell-Mann’s original theory called for three distinct kinds of quark, which made the “three quarks” seem particularly fitting. More kinds of quark were added as the theory evolved, however. Gell-Mann’s pronunciation preference did not stick. Most people rhyme “quark” with “park”, not “pork”.

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