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Skara Brae

The village of Skara Brae is located on the west coast of The Mainland, the large central island of the Orkney Islands. What is unusual about Skara Brae?

A) For 4000 years, it was buried beneath the sands
B) Since 1650, it has been occupied only by women
C) Each spring, a town meeting hall is built, used once, and destroyed
D) On December 21, villagers perform the “Dance of the Ice King”

Your answer — B) Since 1650, it has been occupied only by women — was incorrect.

Skara Brae was occupied by a Neolithic population from about 3200 to 2200 BC. The village consists of eight cottages joined by alleys. In 1850, part of Skara Brae was exposed by the action of a fierce storm. The remainder was eventually excavated. The buildings and their contents are well preserved, providing a remarkable view of everyday life in that ancient time.

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