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Nine Men’s Morris

The ancient board game known variously as Morelles, Merry Peg and Mills, is now usually called Nine Men’s Morris. This name comes from:



The popular Japanese game of shogi closely resembles another game that is much better known internationally. Which one?

Chinese Checkers

The well-known board game Chinese Checkers is a direct descendant of another game that was invented in Victorian times. What was it?

Ladders and adders

The familiar children’s board game of “Snakes and Ladders” (sometimes called “Chutes and Ladders” in the USA) was originally intended for what purpose?


The game of American handball is played by two, three or four players on a small court surrounded by walls, and involves striking a ball with the hand instead of a racquet. A similar game has been played in England for centuries. What is it?

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Fromage in flight

Which popular English pastime involves throwing a “cheese”?

According to Hoyle

The expression “according to Hoyle” means “according to the official rules”. Who or what was Hoyle?


Whence canasta?

When and where did the popular card game canasta originate?

Night game

Each July, an athletic contest takes place in northern Pakistan between teams representing the Chitral and Gilgit districts. The game is held under the full moon on a field high up on the Shandur Pass. What sport do they play?

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