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All around the world

Flood stories are found in most cultures, from Greenland to Australia. Many of these are very similar to the story of Noah, including the earliest known written record of a great deluge. What language was it in?


It’s raining, it’s pouring

All around the world, fossils of marine animals are found in high mountains. Some believe they were put there by the Flood, but would it have been deep enough? How much water would forty days and nights of very hard (30 cm, or 12 inches, per hour) rain yield?

The mysterious re’em

The Hebrew word re’em occurs nine times in the Bible. We know it refers to a beast, but we are not told specifically whether Noah included it on the Ark. How do most modern editions of the Bible translate re’em?

With a trilobite on top

The idea that a great flood once covered the world helped our ancestors explain why remains of marine animals were found high above sea level. Which mountain top is the highest spot for finding marine fossils?

Witness to the flood

Johann Scheuchzer, an avid fossil collector, believed that all fossils were created by Noah’s Flood. In 1731, he published an engraving of a child-sized fossil that he presented as the remains of a human drowned in the Flood. It was later correctly identified as:


A Dreamtime tale

In one well-known Australian aborigine flood myth, Tiddalik swallows up all the water, causing a terrible drought. The other animals, dying of thirst, must try their best to make Tiddalik disgorge the water. What kind of animal was Tiddalik?

Four elephants went out to play

In a 1796 paper, Georges Cuvier, the father of vertebrate paleontology, proved that African and Indian elephants, a mammoth, and an “Ohio animal” were distinct species. What more general point did this paper make?

Reefs come to grief

Whitcomb and Morris’s 1961 book The Genesis Flood claimed that fossilized coral reefs were carried to their present locations by the great Flood. What was the fatal weakness in that argument?


The Earth moves

At the time The Genesis Flood was written, there was still no good explanation for finding marine sedimentary rock on mountain tops. That had to wait until the theory of plate tectonics was accepted. What discovery helped convince scientists that the Earth’s crust moves?

Get the point?

Before the 1800s, geological theories of the formation of the Earth relied heavily on Noah’s Flood, but that began to change after James Hutton visited Siccar Point in southern Scotland. What did Hutton realize when he saw Siccar Point?

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