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From St. Augustine, who believed that the remains of marine creatures found on mountaintops were put there by Noah’s Flood, to Ken Ham, who states that the Grand Canyon is a testament to the Flood’s global reach, the struggle to reconcile what we can see in the world around us with the ancient story of the Flood has been hard fought.

Flood quiz frontispiece: A picture of Siccar Point with Ark added, picture by Dave Souza

Siccar Point with Ark
Thanks to Dave Souza at Wikipedia for the photograph

Starting in the 18th century, legions of natural philosophers, including many clergymen, set out in search of proof that Noah’s Flood had indeed covered the entire Earth, had carved out the mountains and valleys, and had even deposited those pesky marine fossils.

In the end their efforts bore spectacular fruit. As David R. Montgomery relates in his 2012 book The Rocks Don’t Lie, the long search for evidence of Noah’s Flood eventually gave birth, if a bit messily, to the science of geology. One by one the questions that intrigued those early investigators were answered. Let our quiz introduce you to some of the details of this fascinating story!

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