About Our Quizzes

How long have you been making quizzes?

We began with our Christmas Quiz, way back in 1996. That was the year we released our first non-violent adventure game, Santa’s Secret Valley. The game was mostly for children, but everybody enjoyed the quiz, so we put it on-line.

For a while, quizzes were done to match the current game. For Twisted Tales, we did the Fairy Tale Quiz, and the Science Quiz was for Uncle Julius and the Anywhere Machine, another adventure game.

Who makes the quizzes?

It’s a family affair! The quizzes are mostly done by the husband and wife team of Nick Sullivan, the creator of this website, and Susan M. Scott. (You can read more about that on the About page.) Our oldest son Corwin helped with the Christmas quiz and wrote most of the Science quiz. Our sons Graham and Tristan contributed questions here and there.

Who is Nan?

Nan is the virtual granddaughter of Stan Lee, the Marvel Comics guy. He introduced the letters column to Marvel comics, where readers could write to “Dear Stan” with their observations and suggestions, and receive an answer in the inimitable Stan Lee style. Nan knows it’s impossible to emulate Stan, but she tries.

How do you chose the topics for your quizzes?

You may have noticed that our quiz topics cover a wide range of interests, from Bob Dylan to Shakespeare, from Cricket to Chocolate. It’s an eclectic mix, and simply reflects the various interests of our quiz masters.

Can I put one of your quizzes on my site?

If you’re interested in hosting a Trivia Park quiz, there are certain rules to follow. Please use the contact form to get in touch, telling us which quiz you are interested in and where you want to put it, and we’ll get back to you.

I have a great idea for a quiz! Will you use it?

It’s a lot of work to put together a Trivia Park quiz, as we usually become very interested in the topic, and do a lot more reading and research than is strictly necessary. That means that we won’t have time to pursue every great idea. Still, please feel free to contact us with your idea, and we’ll try to fit it in.

Does this site have anything to do with Walt’s Band?

Not really, except that Nick created both of them, along with a few others. Walt’s Band is a much younger site, although Nick was playing and performing his songs long before Trivia Park. When working on Trivia Park, Nick has been known to break out into song: It’s like he’s in a Broadway musical! If you would like to hear some of Nick’s songs, drop by Walt’s Band.