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The voyage of St. Brendan

According to legend, St. Brendan and a group of monks sailed from Ireland to the Bahamas in the sixth century. The type of boat they used would have been a:


Erik the Viking

Norseman Erik the Red discovered rich fertile land in Greenland in the 980s, and persuaded settlers to come from Iceland. The colony flourished, partly because:

The New World

The earliest known European settlement in the Americas is:

The power of the pen

One early explorer’s journeys would not have been so well known to us if he had not been imprisoned a few years after his travels. His name was:

China at sea

Before the Europeans, the Chinese explored the east African coast and perhaps even doubled the Cape of Good Hope, but then their time of exploration came to an abrupt end. Why?


Round trip

Ferdinand Magellan is generally known as the first person to circumnavigate (go all the way around) the world. However, he:

Exceptional instrument

Which of the following instruments is NOT used for navigation?



In 1947, Thor Heyerdahl invented a new type of exploration when he sailed his raft Kon-Tiki to Polynesia. Heyerdahl was trying to prove that ancient peoples could have crossed the ocean to Polynesia from:

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