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6. Every dog has his theory

In the 1860s, following the publication Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species and the birth of a new era in biology, brilliant English scientist Thomas Huxley was known as “Darwin’s bulldog”. Why?

A) Because of his tenacious public defence of evolutionary theory
B) Because his loyalty to Darwin allowed for no criticism at all
C) Because he attacked Darwin’s positions at every opportunity
D) Because his speaking style was said to resemble a dog’s barking

Your answer — D) Because his speaking style was said to resemble a dog’s barking — was incorrect.

Darwin’s theory of evolution sparked an intense and hostile reaction from many Victorian religious figures, who saw it as heretical in denying the Biblical account of creation. The criticism became fiercer still when Huxley and Darwin explicitly included Homo sapiens in the same family tree to which all other life belongs. While Darwin worked in solitude on his estate, having no appetite for a public fray, Huxley took up the challenge of defending the new ideas in scientific papers, articles, letters and public meetings, including a famous debating victory over Samuel Wilberforce, Bishop of Oxford.

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