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The end of Milo

The mightiest wrestler of ancient Greece was Milo of Croton, champion in six successive Olympiads. Even Milo’s legendary strength was not enough to save him in the end, alas. It is said that he lost his life in a contest with…


Consul extraordinary

In ancient Rome there were at any time two consuls, or chief magistrates. These very important officials were elected annually. The consul Incitatus, who served under the emperor Caligula, was unusual in that he was:

Odd couple

The month January is named for Janus, a Roman god who had two…

Odin’s odd horse

As befits the greatest of the Norse gods, Odin’s horse Sleipnir had an unusual feature. What was it?

Duns Scotus

John Duns Scotus, a celebrated 13th-century theologian and philosopher, is notable for what accomplishment outside his vocation?


Eighth wonder

In a mountainous area of central Ethiopia are to be found eleven Christian churches, known as the “Lalibela churches”. Dating from the 13th century, today they are famed for a remarkable feature of their construction. What is it?

Bach and Handel

J.S. Bach and G.F. Handel were born only 130 km (80 miles) and one month apart, but never met, in part because Handel lived abroad for much of his life. There was, however, an interesting connection between the two men, namely:

Cotard’s syndrome

Cotard’s syndrome is a rare disorder associated with manic-depression, schizophrenia and some other brain illnesses. The Cotard’s victim often suffers from a particular delusion, believing that he or she is:


The flying ace

Douglas Bader, a World War II British flying ace, had a remarkable and distinguished military career despite a serious physical handicap. Specifically, Bader:

Leadership quality

Many countries have eccentric leaders, but the president of North Korea is probably the strangest of all. Oddly enough, he:

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