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How’s that?

The first official international cricket match was held in 1844. Which were the participating countries?


Testing time

The pinnacle of international cricket competition is the “test match”. How long does a test match last?

100 years later

The very first cricket test match between England and Australia was held in Melbourne in 1877. Australia won the contest by 45 runs. In the centenary match of 1977 between the same nations, what was the result?


Which of the following nations has never participated in a cricket test match?

Totally awesome

In 1997, the first in a series of two cricket games between India and Sri Lanka included the highest total ever reached by one side in one innings of a test match. How many runs did the top-scoring Sri Lankans accumulate?


A name with no place

Cricket has a richer store of peculiar jargon than perhaps any other sport, and the names given to the fielding positions provide some notable examples. Which of the following is not the name of a standard cricket fielding position?


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