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After long decades of pointless prohibition, of billions blown in enforcing ill-conceived laws, of countless lives shattered by criminal prosecution, of personal freedoms trampled and economic opportunities wasted, reefer madness seems finally to be on the wane. A wave of decriminalization and outright legalization in recent years means that cannabis can now be lawfully obtained in many jurisdictions, and is discreetly tolerated in many others. The change has partly been driven by renewed interest among Western researchers in exploring the active constituents of marijuana — especially THC and CBD — as medicines, although cannabis has featured in traditional pharmacopias for thousands of years. At the same time, a robust legal cannabis industry has flowered, as you might say, with great vigor ever since the legalization wave began.

Cannabis plant

Immature cannabis plant

For those who think Hannibal Lecter was a cannabinol and who don’t know their cannabinoids from their adenoids, this quiz is just what you need to expand your mind in unexpected new directions.

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