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Anne Shirley, Part 2 Trivia Quiz

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One-year anniversary

Anne was trying extra-hard to be good on the anniversary of the day that she came to Green Gables, but still had some small difficulties. She also had one very memorable experience. What was it?


Having the minister for tea

Having the minister and his wife to tea was taken very seriously in Avonlea, and Marilla was determined not to be outdone. What went wrong when the minister came to tea?

I double-dog dare you!

Daring was fashionable among the Avonlea school children one summer. In response to a dare, Anne came to grief when she:

Modern education

Luckily for Anne, her second teacher at Avonlea school was Miss Stacy, a bright, sympathetic young woman. Miss Stacy had some modern ideas about education, including:

Puffed sleeves

Anne was grateful for the dresses Marilla made for her after she arrived at Green Gables, but she longed for a dress with puffed sleeves. Did she ever get one?



The big time

When Anne was invited to recite at a concert at the White Sands hotel, she told Diana she wasn’t nervous. But when she looked out at the crowd, much larger than she was used to, she had an attack of stage fright. What saved her?


Anne stayed by herself at a boarding house while she was going to Queen’s. One evening, just as Anne was ready to cry from homesickness, Josie Pye, who also went to Queen’s, appeared. Why had she come?

Friends at last

At Queen’s, Anne and Gilbert were rivals for the Medal, awarded for top marks, and the Avery scholarship, awarded for best in English. Who won what?

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