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Anne Shirley, Part 1 Trivia Quiz

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Snow Queen

Instead of ordinary names, Anne liked to use romantic ones, such as the “Snow Queen”. Who or what is the Snow Queen?

Now I lay me down to sleep

After Marilla has decided that Anne should stay at Green Gables, she urges Anne to say a bedtime prayer, and discovers that Anne “is next door to a perfect heathen”. What does she decide to do?

First impressions

Mrs. Rachel Lynde was very surprised when Matthew and Marilla decided to take on an orphan. She was even more surprised when she met Anne. What were Anne’s first words to her?

Kindred spirits, aka BFF

When Anne came to Green Gables, one of her fervent hopes was that she would find a kindred spirit there. Did she?


A chance to eat ice cream

When Anne found out there was going to be a Sunday School picnic, she was thrilled, especially since ice cream would be served. Anne had never tasted ice cream. Marilla almost forbade Anne to go. Why?

Lover’s Lane

Anne and Diana walked to school together, going by way of Lover’s Lane and Willowmere and Violet Vale and the Birch Path. What was Lover’s Lane to the other people in Avonlea?

Red as carrots

When Anne cracked her slate over Gilbert Blythe’s head for the crime of calling her “Carrots”, what punishment did the schoolmaster use?


A ten-o’clock scholar

When Anne was late, the schoolmaster punished her by making her sit with Gilbert. Anne, declared she would never go to school again as long as Mr. Phillips was the teacher. What did Mrs. Lynde advise Marilla to do?

Raspberry cordial

Anne and Diana felt quite grown-up when Anne was allowed to ask Diana to tea while Marilla was out. The occasion was marred by Diana falling ill and having to go home early. What happened?

Together again

After Diana fell ill at Anne’s afternoon tea, Mrs. Barry forbade Diana to associate with Anne. What made Mrs. Barry change her mind?

Kindred surprise

One February evening, Anne and Diana went with Diana’s cousins to a concert in Carmody. The evening was full of thrills for Anne, and led to her discovering a surprising kindred spirit. Who was it?

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