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6. A chance to eat ice cream

When Anne found out there was going to be a Sunday School picnic, she was thrilled, especially since ice cream would be served. Anne had never tasted ice cream. Marilla almost forbade Anne to go. Why?

A) Marilla thought that eating ice cream was wicked
B) Marilla blamed Anne for squashing Matthew’s best hat
C) Anne had disgraced herself by going to church with a wreath of wildflowers on her hat
D) Marilla believed that Anne had lost Marilla’s amethyst brooch

Your answer was correct!

Anne was fascinated by the lovely purple brooch, and had gone into Marilla’s room to pin it on just to see how it would look. When Marilla couldn’t find her treasured brooch, she assumed Anne had lost it and was telling a lie. Anne would have missed the picnic, and her chance to eat ice cream, if Marilla hadn’t gone to mend the lace of her black shawl, and discovered the brooch tangled in it.

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