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5. Kindred spirits, aka BFF

When Anne came to Green Gables, one of her fervent hopes was that she would find a kindred spirit there. Did she?

A) Yes, Diana Barry who lived nearby at Orchard Slope
B) No, Anne’s only friends were imaginary ones
C) Yes, Anne’s classmate and competitor Josie Pye
D) Yes, Charlie Sloane, who was “dead gone” on Anne

Your answer — D) Yes, Charlie Sloane, who was “dead gone” on Anne — was incorrect.

Marilla warned Anne that if she was to be friends with Diana, she must be on her best behavior, as Diana’s mother was very strict. Anne felt immediately that the laughing, dark-haired, rosy-cheeked Diana was a true kindred spirit. The more prosaic Diana was simply glad to have a playmate living nearby.

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